Windsor Light Bar

The Windsor Medium IP65 lantern is durable and has become a standard lantern for Sugg for many years. The traditional design provides a Victorian appearance but developments that have happened within the lantern ensures that the latest lamp and gear technology can be incorporated within. The Sugg Light Bar option provides a modern light engine solution within a glass refractor providing a vertical element to the light output. This is important for facial recognition and in built up areas for washing building facades in a soft defused light.

The Xitanium driver provides DALI inputs or the simpler 1>10v dimming input. Both options require a control cable when installing, this will give the opportunity for total scheme dimming or localised dimming in areas of low night time usage. A section of road can be dimmed but the junctions remaining lit to the 100% level to ensure user safety. Also the ballast can be programmed to offset the lumen depreciation over the LED life which is considerable owing to the longevity of the LED. By designing the scheme to achieve the required lighting levels while under running the LED at the start and then programming a rising requirement from the driver ensures Constant Light Output (CLO) saving as much as 15% in energy of the life of the design.