Upright Tunbridge

The Upright Tunbridge post top luminaire recreates the traditional look of railway lanterns of the past. Manufactured from a combination of aluminium spinning’s, the fittings are suitable for traditional applications. The luminaire has an IP65 rating. The Upright Tunbridge medium is fitted with the Sugg Road optic, or cycle and refractor options are available; the lantern size is ideally scaled for 4m to 6m column applications, for decorative and amenity lighting. The clear unobstructed glazing profiles offer a solution as the output performance and lighting distributions can be varied by the choice of optic. The Upright Tunbridge luminaire has a fabricated two arm bracket mounting to support the lantern, the cable entry is directly into the void where the gear and optic is enclosed and the cable path is through the bracket arm. The glazing is held by three stainless steel retaining couplings, that when released the brim and optic tray hinge up for re-lamping. The main termination for the luminaire is provided inside the main spinning to allow easy termination of the incoming supply, with a glanded feed into the arm section of the support arms. The lantern is supplied as standard as a post top luminaire in three sizes and will cover a variety of mounting heights and lamp wattages.