Shopping Malls

Sugg have manufactured a large number of bespoke fittings for high profile shopping malls and retail centres, generally the scale of these developments exclude most standard products from selection as the luminaires need to be of a scale to fit with the surroundings. We have manufactured 5m diameter brass chandeliers and large scale globe products for a number of sites across Europe.

The structural nature of these products and the weight s and fixings generally all have to be designed for each application to ensure they fit within the building fabric. We have illuminated large retail car parks to current standards such as The Trafford Centre where 15m columns and replica Arc lanterns were used. In the interior galleries and Malls polished gun metal fittings were designed and manufactured to provide architectural features for the pedestrian areas, while standard products were used within the food halls and open areas around the various entrances to the development.

Large polished gun metal and painted bronze finishes were used for the Pedrosa development in Barcelona where 1.5m and 2m globe fittings were designed and manufactured, these were coupled with large chandeliers and armillary spheres measuring 4m in diameter were produced for the domed features at the corners of the development.