Refurbishments & Replicas

Sugg Lighting have been producing and restoring luminaires since 1846 and are now proud to have received the Royal Warrant. Continued development and innovative solutions to meet modern lighting needs ensures the company continues to move forward utilising cutting edge technology.

Sugg offer a full refurbishment service for luminaires and columns and architectural structures that support luminaires. As part of this service we are able to manufacture additional replica fittings for extensions to existing listed luminaires. All materials used are authentic and the methods used are also the traditional manufacturing techniques required for this type of product. We are however able to bring present day techniques in ingress protection and glanding for the electrical luminaire conversions, to improve the sealing capability of the enclosures to maximise the maintenance periods between the required visits for lamp changing and cleaning.

A high proportion of Historic gas lanterns are still controlled by clockwork mechanisms requiring a weekly visit for winding, with the modern controls available from Sugg we can extend these period to an annual visit, to comply with current rules in force and for lantern cleaning and battery changes, this improves the reliability of the products, and offer day light saving and part night operation if required.

Columns, brackets and suspensions are stripped or shot blasted and repaired if manufactured from steel they are galvanised or zinc sprayed, then a zinc rich primer is added so the refurbished units can be painted post installation for the most durable finish.