Railway Projects

Both over ground and underground stations have a variety of historic fittings covering a wide variety of applications from platform lighting and pedestrian tunnel lighting over the rail network. Although little of the gas originals remain most have been converted to electrical discharge fittings. The range of luminaires is wide and diverse as is the lamp types and applications. We as a company refurbish a wide variety of listed fittings ensuring the newly refurbished products meet modern standards in both light output and the electrical cabling of the new fittings.

The prestigious scheme of recent years has been the recreation of the heritage lanterns at St Pancras Station, these replica fittings manufactured in two sizes for the main concourse were made in the traditional manor but contained a combination of CDO lamp technology with electronic ballasts and emergency capabilities to ensure safe operations. The large lanterns were 2m tall with the smaller units lighting the vaulted ceilings in the pedestrian access areas alongside. Moor street Station has also had a face lift with the external globes being fully refurbished and the four smaller globes had the addition of LED floodlights to up light the commemorative cross positioned in the courtyard entrance.