The Pond Flambeaux combines both fire and water which is visually very striking as the flame picture tracks across the water towards the observer giving an improved flame visibility. The unit shown here is mounted to a fabricated pedestal secured to the base of the pond, the controller is fitted remote from the unit but must be located within 10M of the burner.

The Pond Flambeaux has a spun detailed ring above the water to finish the unit. This is mounted on to a steel galvanised spigot to support the burner and to house the plug and socket connections. Spigot heights must be specified to ensure the burner position in relation to the water level, a lower version is also available. The Unibox 008 is fitted remote from the bowl, all terminations are already made. This provides the installer with the freedom of location of the solenoid and the Unibox, which can be positioned up to 10M away from the burner. The controller will require a 240v AC 5 amp supply. The burner is ignited by two hot surface igniters and controlled by two thermocouples that feed back to the Unibox for safe flame failure operation.