Palace Backlamp

Sugg back lamps originated over 100 years ago to light narrow passageways and porticos of Victorian London. All the back lamps are designed for ease of installation, having a separately mounted back-plate on which the lantern body is fitted. The Palace back lamps are manufactured from copper to ensure durability. All gear is class I wired and a limited range of discharge gear can be accommodated integrally within the lantern, but new compact fluorescent sources can be accommodated with integral or remote gear within the lantern. By the nature of the application, of this lantern, coated lamps are preferred. Finish options include natural polished copper, that will age in the environment to a deep natural patina. Polished and lacquered copper, black and other RAL colours can be accommodated but this may be subject to quantity, and prices may differ. These IP54 wall mounted lanterns are manufactured from copper, all soldered construction with the option of a hinged door, which has double hinges and a single locking mechanism for easy access.