This traditional Grosvenor gas lantern is hand crafted in Copper and retains the Victorian Heritage styling of the original, while offering an IP54 standard of ingress protection. With an access door for easy cleaning and maintenance, the manufacturing process meets current luminaire design standards. The Grosvenor lanterns with their balanced flue design and unique gas options coupled with their automatic controls meet present day operation and maintenance requirements across a wide range of applications and burner combinations.

The small, medium and large Grosvenor have individual radiused glass panel glazing with a hinged glass glazed door as standard, with optional Polycarbonate. This improves the access for burner maintenance and internal cleaning, thus reducing maintenance cycles. The specula reflector and internal chimney ensures a balanced flu is achieved, reducing the effects of strong winds on the burner’s performance The lanterns are mounted, as standard, on galvanised open frogs which are powder coated. The Sugg lantern differs from its competitors as the side ribs are reinforced with stainless steel rods thus spreading the weight and wind loading across the structure of the luminaire offering enhanced durability in service.

For mains operation the permanent pilot and solenoid are mounted in the main body of the lantern. If mains power is not present the optional battery powered Sugg Opto/Clock offers timed control from a remote box fitted in the column base. Also available, a photocell operation from a remote location. Both control options are available within the Grosvenor range for both burner types, for use with natural and LPG gasses.