The Gallery is a traditional cast aluminium lantern widely used in Edinburgh in the late 1800’s. It has clear lower and frosted upper glazing which provides a degree of upward light to softly illuminate building fascias. The lantern is cast aluminium and with its decorative cast finial set makes it unique to Sugg Lighting.

The lantern is frog mounted as standard but can also be fitted into wall mounted hoop brackets the column U bracket is designed to fit a 76mm column spigot. All gear is class I wired and a range of discharge gear can be accommodated integrally within the lantern. The luminaire traditionally takes the glass refractor but it can also accommodate the small twin beam optic which offers a superior lighting performance. Single and two part electronic photocells are available as standard and should be factory fitted to maintain IP integrity. Stirrup mounted post top bracket, galvanised steel, powder coated, black polyester for 76mm spigots.