Column Embelishments

Sugg Lighting have an extensive range of column embellishment castings that offer the specifier the flexibility of a range of mounting heights and column sizes, all with a decorative casting for the base of the tubular column. This provides a structural column of known qualities that can be specified and tested on an ongoing basis, with the aesthetic casting to provide the appearance of a heritage column. Included on the Column Kit data sheet are a range of ladder bars, shaft rings and column top castings that can be included with the embellishments, if required. The tubular columns supplied with the castings have been structurally calculated for the castings and will be specified for the lantern and bracket options selected. The columns can be supplied with an integral root on the 5m columns with an option of a flanged base for mounting either to fabricated roots or directly into prepared blocks using anchor bolts, if preferred. The 8m and 10m versions are supplied with flange plates to ease installation and shipping. Weight and windage information for both the column and bracket combinations are included on the relevant data sheets. The column weights and windages are available upon request and vary depending on column height and product selection, this combined information will enable a clients structural engineer to calculate the mounting block which will also be dependant on the ground conditions of the site.