The Charlotte Square Lantern is a historic reproduction of what was originally a Railing mounted oil lamp. The new IP 65 version has over centre catches depressing the top spinning’s into a formed silicone gasket. Manufactured from a combination of aluminium spinning’s the fitting is suitable for both frame mounted applications within post top hoop brackets and wall mounted brackets with a hoop. The luminaires have an IP rating of IP65. The Charlotte Square lantern is fitted with a Sugg refractor or the traditional sugar bowl half refractor and clear polycarbonate glazing as standard and is ideally scaled for up to 5m column applications for decorative and amenity lighting. This fitting is widely used in Edinburgh with a variety column mounted applications, can offer a performance solution as the unobstructed glazing improves the light output performance and lighting distribution. The Charlotte Square luminaire has a steel P clips built into the lantern to hold the position in the mounting frame.

The glazing is released by three stainless steel, over centre, retaining couplings that when released allow the top section to hinge away from the lower fixed section to reveal the lamp and gear which is then available for re-lamping. All gear is class I wired and a range of discharge gear can be incorporated within the luminaires including electronics gear. We would recommend coated elliptical lamps for this lantern to minimise glare and improve uniformities. One piece electronic photocells can be fitted into the luminaire body; two-piece cells are available as an optional standard.