The Camberwell is a traditional copper lantern which was widely used throughout the 1800’s. It has clear lower and upper glazing, which provides a degree of upward light to softly illuminate building fascias. The lantern is hand crafted from copper and its decorative finial and tower set make it unique to Sugg Lighting.

The Camberwell is available in a variety of combinations and can be supplied with a door or hinged lid for access. The lantern has an inverted frog, as standard, and is designed to fit a 76mm spigot.

The permanent pilot and solenoid are mounted in the main body of the lantern. If mains power is not present the optional battery powered Sugg Opto/Clock offers timed control from a remote box fitted in the column base, also available, a photocell operation from a remote location. Both control options are available within the Camberwell range, for both burner types.