The Arc Luminaire is a decorative pendant, which recreates the traditional look of the carbon arc lantern of the past. Manufactured from a combination of aluminium spinning’s and steel link tubes the fitting is suitable for both traditional and contemporary applications. The luminaire has an IP rating of IP65. The Arc is fitted with a Sugg road optic and has clear polycarbonate glazing. The 500mm, and 600mm, glazing options offer two sizes of luminaires that are ideally scaled for 8m and 10m column applications, suitable for decorative and amenity lighting. The Arc luminaire has a 1¼” BSP threaded coupling and is ideal for mounting from wall mounted decorative brackets.

The gear is housed in the tubular section of the luminaire body, and is accessed through a door in the upper section of the luminaire body. The lamp and optic are in the lower glazed section of the luminaire, thus when the glazing finial is removed the optic and lamp are available for re-lamping; the Sugg road optic supplied is mounted on a removable tray. The gear is housed away from the lamp; electronic discharge gear can be accommodated as the temperature in the gear section of the luminaire is much lower than the required temperatures of electronic gear packages, extending gear life. All gear is class I wired and a full range of discharge gear can be incorporated within the gear section for easy removal and maintenance. Photocells are fitted into the body of the luminaire; both single and two-piece electronic cells are available as standard.