Harnessing discharge and optic technology

By bringing together low maintenance performance, lamp reliability and durability, discharge light sources have proved the natural first choice for street lighting and other external schemes. Improved lamp technology and the development of performance optics has challenged the luminaire manufacturer to achieve larger wattages from smaller fittings and at wider spaced intervals to satisfy ever more demanding lighting standards. Now and through the ages, Sugg Lighting has risen succesfully to this challenge.

Commercially appropriate and always effective, Sugg Lighting solutions perfectly balance the degrees of illumination and range of distributions required for road lighting, amenity areas and open areas, such as car parks. Our decorative luminaires satisfy both performance and aesthetic considerations to provide customers with fully integrated lighting designs.

High standards of testing

The art of lighting is a proven science. Sugg’s fully accredited laboratory and test facility is equipped with state of the art software design and photometric technology. An advanced photometer is used to capture the intensity data required in the conversion of various formats for use, such as TM14, IES and Philum. Different optical controls are rigorously tested for efficiency on the Sugg range of luminaires while additional tests are carried out to verify luminaire output in full accordance with British Standards.

We also recognise the importance of effective temperature and ingress protection. Dust and moisture can seriously affect optical performance, dulling the reflective surfaces over time and drastically reducing the luminaires output. Using a combination of physical barriers and gasket seals, luminaires can be effectively sealed. Our solutions are tested to a range of ingress ratings, up to and including IP65, to suit individual applications.

With the development of electronic gear for HPS and HQI lamps, internal temperatures are critical to the effective running of the gear, as they are generally rated to lower temperatures than traditional discharge gear.

All gas fittings and associated electronic controls are also factory tested prior to despatch to minimise ongoing maintenance. Since a balanced flue is required to ensure effective unit operation, sealing is not required to the same standards as air exchange is important to the performance of gas luminaires.