Sugg Lighting have a range of optics to suit a wide range of applications. A full range of lamp types have been photometered and a number of lamp wattages, this ensures an accurate as possible photometric representation of the actual results is achieved.

Optics available:

  • Large Road Optic F7: for lighting of primarily vehicular roads High traffic speeds low pedestrian usage.
  • Small Twin Beam STB: for lighting residential roadways where the footpaths and verges form part of the design requirement for vehicular and pedestrian and residential applications.
  • Cycle Optic CO: for lighting footpaths and cycle paths as well as being useful within Car Parks where a longitudinal output can be beneficial to numbers of columns and uniformity.
  • Area Optic: for lighting car parks and service yards or wide areas where reach of distribution is paramount.
  • Refractors: Sugg have a full length refractor which encloses the lamp in its entirety this is used where a vertical element of distribution is required in parks and streets where a wash of soft illumination on the adjacent walls prevents the visual effect of tunnelling.

We have photometric data available in IES format and is included on the Lighting Reality Design Program where the lanterns are listed with the lamp and optic combinations are listed for your perusal.